WAETIC it´s a young and dynamic Spanish company , composed for high quality staff in Engineering process , WAETIC was fully established as a Company with knowledge from the family company since 1968 that holds several patents ( Seals for penstock and filtratation System for tertiary treatmen for Resuse Waeter ) and registrations trades marks (DFM Aguas – TuCloud , Proffer and Hopper ) the main office and the facilties to make possible our activite are lacted in Tomelloso ( Ciudad Real ) Spain .

All of this is possible thanks to the legacy dating back to 1968 and the work experience accumulated since 1992, with individual companies from different sectors belonging to large groups and sectors, for renowned business associations, official entities and organisations involved in the internationalisation of Spanish industry, engineering, contractors and manufacturers of national and international prestige.

WAETIC acts as a company of Engineering Developing , Designe , produce and Supplying Equipment for Water treatment and diferente process to reuse the energy trouhg intallation of coogeneration also Detailed Engineering Services for local manuractorin , undertaking Draft Tenders and Construction Management, Technical Assistance, Project Management and Start up, Internationalisation of Companies, Information and Communications Technology.

All of this is possible thanks to the relevant offshoring the production point and put the productive capacity with other companies and factories, including various agreements of confidentiality, to support production as OEM Original Manufacturing Equipment, to offer a maximum performance to our technical capacity of production, as well as a service in favor of a good service, assuring the quality and guarantee towards our client in the national and international market.


Our trademarks:

tu cloud


Esquema Marcas Patentes




Mobile bridge of wash in continuous, systems of filtration of mixed bed for tertiary treatments of waste water.



Mobile bridge of extraction of active coal. Automatic systems for the extraction of the coal of the filters of the ETAP'S, by means of a rapid, sure and totally automatic system. In addition it possesses a system by means of which there is eliminated part of the water contained in the coal, facilitating this way his storage and transport
DOBLE NOTA MUSICAL marca de agua
Meeting of elastomer of hardness "Shore" To 70 and with 25 % 22 h to 70ºC, person in charge of the watertightness in some of our equipments, principally in hatches.